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The Skinwalkers Brooks Taylor - lead vocals and guitar
Tracy Huffman - lead guitar
Andrew Houseman - bass
Danny Rodriguez - drums and vocals
Ralph Davis - keyboards and guitar

The Los Angeles based group, The Skinwalkers, specialize in a hard-driving "Rock & Twang" sound that blends elements of R&B and country into an intelligent, well-crafted style. The Skinwalkers grab an audience by both ears and won't turn 'em loose until every single one jumps aboard and flies with them. They manage it by translating their influence into a personal whole that avoids derivative cliche and relies on emotion - the key to successful rock-and-roll music.

Geographically, each man was born to this job: lead singer, Taylor, came up in Richmond, Virginia, a hot bed for musical talent, while guitarist Huffman is out of Kansas City, Missouri, both key musical centers where each first cut his respective teeth working with local bands. Rhythm section Houseman and Rodriguez are both from Los Angeles, probably the single most important music town in the land, and have racked up considerable experience.

The Skinwalkers sound is full of tension and musical dynamics, with lyrics as credible and affecting as they are well written. When a band has the ability to conjure the liberating madness of classic rock and roll and still make a thought-provoking personal statement, it's clear they truly understand their form. Skinwalker, remember, is the Navajo designation for a shaman, and proves to be the ideal tag for this group of intuitive musicians. No ham, no corn. The Skinwalkers are simply a straight ahead, seamless rock-and-roll band. What more could you want?

- Jonny Whiteside